Letters to the Editor — Sept. 20, 2023

Safety comes first on ODT

Regarding the Olympic Discovery Trail. We love the trail. We walk the trail.

Our problem is the speed of bikers on the trail passing us. Specifically, the problem for us is inside the Dungeness River Nature Center, where walkers stroll both directions with bikers going 20-25 miles per hour down the middle.

The curving path and narrow bridge were not designed for this, and it makes us feel unsafe.

The speed of electric bikes is close to motorcycle speeds on any city street.

I believe it is fun for the operator; however, it is not fun for us or our puppy.

My solution is a 5-miles-per-hour speed zone inside the park. Outside the park the speed can be unrestricted. Or, get off the bike and walk across the bridge in a “Pedestrian Only” zone.

We all share the same resource. I’m just asking for responsible behavior so we can all enjoy it.

Stirling Hall


Kudos to CERT members

Thank all of you, CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) folks for your help, direction and dedication to the school day traffic congestion at Sequim’s Greywolf Elementary School!

“Community,” “Emergency,” “Response” and “Team” most assuredly describes the “Team” dedication displayed within our community — not solely for this contribution, but the many events you so graciously provide CERT support.

I, and my fellow Sequim schools bus drivers, sincerely appreciate your direction and presence!

We (our community) can’t state it enough, however again … thank you!

Cal Scott

Sequim School District bus driver