Greywolf goes ‘Into the Woods’ April 20-21

Greywolf Elementary’s drama team brings the classic stage musical “Into the Woods” to Sequim for two performances this week.

The show begins at 6 p.m. Thursday-Friday, April 20-21, in the school’s gymnasium, 171 Carlsborg Road, with donations welcome for future performances.

Starring many classic fairy tale characters, a witch, played by Makayla Cotton, takes control of the fates of many iconic characters’ stories from Cinderella (Auna Rich) to Jack (Jackson Hines).

The remainder of the cast includes Summer Hirst-Lowe as the narrator, Jolene Vaara as the Steward, Jillian Johnston as Cinderella’s father, Addison Frisby as Cinderella’s stepmother, Korbyn Domning a Jack’s mother, Jovi Weller as Rapunzel, Connor Davidson as Rapunzel’s prince, Raimey Brewer as Harp, Gianna Riccobene as Florinde, Sofia Treece as Lucinda, Olivia Carlson as the Baker’s wife and Ethan Booth as the Baker,

Also appearing are Autumn Hirst-Lowe as Granny, Taylor Heyting as the Mysterious Man, Lincoln Bear as Cinderella’s prince, Auna Rich as Cinderella, Taryn Johnson as Cinderella’s mother, Jackson Hines as Jack, Ava Welch as the Wolf, Maribeth Stewart as Milky White, Michaela Green as Little Red Riding Hood, and Laila Sundin, Jesse Bainbridge and Raquel Hermosillo as trees.

Crew members include Emma Vose, Garrett Little, Olivia Ostlund, Talen Gierth, Riley Doig, Madilyn Bennett, Kainoa Goversten and Ellie Woodford. Damon Little directs with assistance from teachers Sheri Burke and Shannon Green.

For more information, call the school at 582-3300.