Tom Schaafsma, Citizen of the Year

For a few moments, a humbled Tom Schaafsma looked to honor the crowd that had come to pay him honor.

At center, Tom Schaafsma awaits the announcement of the Citizen of the Year.  Sequim Gazette photos by Michael Dashiell

For a few moments, a humbled Tom Schaafsma looked to honor the crowd that had come to pay him honor.

The Rotarian and volunteer for a slew of community groups, however, would be the one taking home Sequim’s top civic honor.

Schaafsma is the 2009 Sequim-Dungeness Valley Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year.


for his involvement with projects through Sequim-based groups Sequim

Sunrise Rotary, Rotary Exchange, ShelterBox USA Response Team, Olympic

Theatre Arts, Snap and others, Schaafsma told an appreciative crowd at

SunLand Golf & Country Club’s banquet room he was surprised by the

award, but quite thankful.

“None of us do what we do with this (award) in mind,” he said, then turned the tables a bit.

“All of you make this community what it is. My hat’s off to you.”

Borden, Martin


edged out finalists Joe Borden and Dr. Cynthia Martin, who both

accepted Sequim-Dungeness Chamber of Commerce’s Community Service Award


Carol Pope, Lori Brothers and Vern Frykholm nominated

Schaafsma. Hailing the Sequim resident for his volunteerism, Frykholm

described the myriad projects Schaafsma has his hands on throughout and

outside the community.

Schaafsma has helped with building

ramps for elderly residents, the Old Dungeness Schoolhouse and at the

Sequim Food Bank; helped build a bird observation platform at Dungeness

Bay, the youth playground at Sequim Community School, the new Chamber

of Commerce sign and covered bus stop near the Co-op Farm & Garden;

co-managed the renovation of the gathering hall at the Olympic Theatre

Arts building; donated a house to the Snap community group; hosted six

exchange students; worked with the Clallam County Juvenile Diversion

Board; and, through the ShelterBox USA Response Team, provided aid to

victims of residents in an earthquake in Peru and hurricanes and

flooding in Honduras.

He also was the recipient of a 2009 Clallam County Heroes award.

‘Part of what you do’


just becomes part of who you are,” Schaafsma said following the

ceremony. “It’s not something you plan or orchestrate.”


his wife, Jacque, and their daughter Leanne recently traveled to

Cartagena, on the northern coast of Colombia, to visit their son Torin

to build a playground for local families in Mampuján, a two-hour drive

south of Cartagena.

Before leaving, Schaafsma put together some

basic playground plans from an image on the Internet and coordinated

with Sequim Sunrise Rotary Club for donations to cover the cost of

materials and to convert a tree to lumber.

“Rotary has given me an incredible vehicle (to help),” he said.


annual award got its start in 1968 as a way to recognize residents who

contribute volunteer time and effort to the community. Since its

inception, 50 people have been honored.

Past recipients serve on the award’s selection committee.

Joe Borden


and his wife, Tawana, are part of the Ditchwalkers, the dedicated group

of volunteers who design, build and accompany the Irrigation Festival

float to parades throughout the area.

He’s been the festival chairman for the past six years and, along with Tawana, volunteered for festival events for 14 years.

The float and crew travel to more than a dozen parades each year throughout the region.


moved to Sequim in 1986 after he retired from the military as an Army

first sergeant and immediately got involved with civic groups,

including the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion.

He’s also trained volunteers to do maintenance for the Sequim-Dungeness Valley Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to serve this community,” Borden said in his Community Service Award acceptance speech.

Ken Hays and Deborah Rambo Sinn nominated Borden.

“I was impressed with his passion and commitment to the festival,” Hays said.

“Joe symbolizes the good, positive things about this community.”

Dr. Cynthia Martin


is president of the Parenting Matters Foundation, director for the

First Teacher program – a partner program with the Sequim School

District – and is involved with the Prevention Works! community


Much of her work is volunteerism, bringing her

experience as a psychologist, teacher, school counselor, published

author, parenting expert and mother to each situation, friends say.


Teacher reaches out to parents of prekindergarten children through

newsletters, developmental cards, parenting classes and speakers.

“Who else gets to give advice to 12,000 people a month?” Martin said. “I appreciate Sequim giving me that chance.”


helped form a nonprofit organization called Parenting Matters

Foundation to expand the First Teacher program to other districts.

She was nominated for the 2003 Citizen of the Year award that went to John Beitzel.


got to watch retirement in Sequim – it’s a real killer,” Martin joked

in her Community Service Award acceptance speech.

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2009  — Tom Schaafsma

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