PHOTO: Local riders earn top marks in Spokane

Riders from Lincoln Park BMX in Port Angeles recently traveled to Spokane to compete in the Washington State BMX finals in early September.

These riders and others are set to compete for Gold Cup plates at the DK NW Gold Cup Finals in Port Angeles, Sept. 16-18.

Sequim riders included Trinity Gather (first in 17-20 Women’s Cruiser; second in 17-20 Girls Expert) and Christian Snavely (third in 14 Novice).

Port Angeles riders included Ryan Albin Jr. (second in 15 Intermediate), Cash Coleman (third in 16 Expert), Teyah Elofson-Cross (third in 10 & Under Girls Cruiser), Gabriel Granum (first in 16 Intermediate), Bradan Gray (second in 9 Cruiser; fifth in 9 Expert), Bennett Gray (third in 7 & Under Cruiser), Logan Gray (fifth in 6 Intermediate), Toby Kreider Jr. (seventh in 14 Intermediate),, Kameron Langdon (first in 8 Cruiser, third in 8 Expert), Nyah Langdon (fourth in 11 Novice, second in 11 Girls Cruiser), Cholena Morrison (fourth place in 17-20 Intermediate, third in 17-20 Women’s Cruiser), Caleb Underwood (eighth in 14 Intermediate),, Makaylie Underwood (second in 12 Girls Expert), Kylin Weitz (second in 10 & Under Girls Cruiser, second in 9 Girls Expert), Mason Wilcox-Olton (second in 7 Expert, first in 7 & Under Cruiser)

Also competing was Jackson Beal of Port Townsend (second in 15 Cruiser, fourth in 15 Expert)