Letters to the Editor

Neighbors want ‘safety, justice, service’

Unlike the state of Colorado, Washington’s entrance into the recreational marijuana business has been totally chaotic!

  • Jul 23, 2014

Citizens for SARC

SARC is a valuable community facility for all ages — babies to 90+ years old!

  • Jul 15, 2014

Covering SARC’s financial tail

No one enjoys receiving their tax bill; and have no desire to fill the cavernous deficits taxing agencies have created. Here, intentions are to give reference to our community-owned recreational center’s (SARC’s) financial future.

  • Jul 15, 2014

City band a treasure

On Friday afternoon, July 4, at the James Center for the Performing Arts, the Sequim City Band performed one of the most joyous, fun-filled, Independence Day concerts I’ve ever heard in my long life.

  • Jul 9, 2014

Don’t ignore the simple facts

I am writing to express my appreciation for your recent column “Fact? Fiction? Fabrication” that appeared in the Sequim Gazette on July 2. I hope that many readers pay heed to it.

  • Jul 9, 2014

Thanks to Derby sponsors!

Our special thanks to $125, $250 and $500 Very Important Duck sponsors! Your donations made the Duck Derby a success for the Noon Rotary’s local community youth programs and charities.

  • Jun 24, 2014

A vote for Nichols

Election time is upon us and the public is being asked to once again vote for mudslinging accusations and name familiarity.

  • Jun 24, 2014

Article misses mark on HiCap

I would like to address gross inaccuracies in the June 18 Gazette article about the Sequim School Board meeting (“Sequim schools pick assistant super,” June 18, page A-11). These inaccuracies could have easily been avoided with some basic research before publishing inflammatory statements.

  • Jun 24, 2014

Public welcome to see SARC finances

With caution, I read the rambling tirade from Mr. (Jan) Richardson about the lack of communication from the Sequim Aquatic Recreation Center (SARC) board to the public on the financial status of the facility (“Letters to the Editor,” Sequim Gazette, June 18, page A-13).

  • Jun 24, 2014

Thank you, Cliff

The Sequim Food Bank would like to acknowledge the passing of one of our long-time volunteers, Cliff Eubanks.

  • Jun 18, 2014

Keep the dogs at home

To the people who drive with their small dogs on their laps: The speed of an air bag on the steering wheel (in case of an accident) is about 150 miles per hour. The steering wheel is at most 10-12 inches from your body.

  • Jun 18, 2014

Certain letter-writers have it right

My wife, Abbey, and I are full-time RVers. We are leaving your beautiful city of Sequim after three days at your county park at the Dungeness Spit. Now we’re off to Idaho.

  • Jun 18, 2014

Acquiescence by silence

Once upon a time there was a young fella that had a big dream. His dream was to escape the world of difficulty into which he had been born. He grew up with his grandparents supporting his dream day by day.

  • Jun 18, 2014

Time to explain SARC’s costs

Nothing more sophisticated than the truth! There are always divergences of opinions; however, to turn the simple act of informing the public you work for that they will have to pay more for services received into a major project is ludicrous!

  • Jun 18, 2014

Spend on elk, not granary

It’s frustrating to hear that there’s a call to raise $1,000,000 to save a manmade structure like the grain elevator. Sure, it’s a piece of history, but $1,000,000. Really?

  • Jun 11, 2014

Burbank hits the mark

In writing about the spirit of solidarity he found in Finland, John Burbank reminds us that we are all in the same boat (“Finland, a fine role model,” Sequim Gazette, May 21, page A-16).

  • Jun 4, 2014

Get up and move!

Fifty-five percent of greater Sequim’s population is over 60 and only 3 percent of those choose to implement any type of exercise in their daily life. (U.S. Census 2010). Who cares if you die prematurely? I don’t!

  • Jun 4, 2014

Kudos from Broom Busters

Broom Busters II, a River Center Rally team, wishes to thank all the volunteers who joined us pulling the invasive Scotch broom along the Olympic Discovery Trail.

  • Jun 4, 2014

‘Warmies’ use false science

Last week’s letters in the Sequim Gazette prompted me to wonder why Warmies promote their voodoo science even though there’s been zero proof of manmade warming. Zero — None — Nada! I think I’ve found two reasons thereto.

  • Jun 4, 2014

What’s wrong with U.S.

Where is the government of which we were so proud? And where the country that stood out high above the crowd?

  • Jun 4, 2014