Milestone: Olympic Medical Center honors laboratory team members

Olympic Medical Center management and board commissioners recently recognized five laboratory assistants for outstanding work.

“During an incredibly difficult time in the lab with staff shortages, these five individuals stood out for their outstanding performances,” said Michael Loucks, OMC laboratory customer service supervisor.

Loucks presented the awards to laboratory assistant lead Nettie Benson and laboratory assistants Jamie Burrow, Karla Dills, Joanna Forcinel and Sandra Watne.

Benson was recognized for her outstanding performance working with schedule coverage, her willingness to step in where needed, performing multiple job duties within the lab assistant scope and her ability to teach multiple new trainees at once.

Burrow is known for the flexibility, reliability and a positive attitude she brings to the lab, OMC representatives said.

Dills’ dedication shines through her “always cheerful attitude toward coworkers and patients,” Loucks said.

Forcinel works the overnight shift and steps in to lend a hand whenever she can, OMC representatives said.

Watne is known for the breadth of knowledge she brings to the lab and she has been influential in helping where she’s most needed, OMC representatives said.